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TBRx: Where Pliability Started

Pliability, the understanding that resilient muscles, moving without restriction, enables sustained performance is our founding principle.


Alex’s deep force tissue work, central to muscle pliability, have defined a new standard of performance and longevity for everyone.

With pliability as the cornerstone, TBRx has developed a game-changing system of wellness principles — a system designed to empower health-minded individuals to live pain-free and perform their best.



At TBRx, we define pliability as a state in which your muscles are long, resilient and able to move without restriction. Pliable muscles — achieved through hands-on bodywork and pliability movements — are better at absorbing force, allowing the body to withstand the impact of sport and daily life.

In layman’s terms, this just means your muscles are extremely efficient at performing without pain, and that they’re able to prevent injury before it happens. Getting pliable primes your muscles for everything from a high-impact NFL game to a walk in the park.



On a scientific level, pliability is a full-body process that stimulates your muscles. According to TBRx Body Coach Joe Koudelka, muscle pliability doesn’t just exist in your muscular system. “Undergoing muscle pliability work can stimulate the nervous system, allowing the muscle to contract and relax more efficiently and effectively,” he says. “Pliable tissue also has a good blood supply, is able to fully contract and relax, and lacks any restrictions or adhesions.”

This is the core difference between pliability and flexibility. While flexibility is strictly focused on stretching out your joints and the muscles around them, pliability focuses on deep-tissue and full-body work that strengthens and heals your muscles. Flexibility is stretching out after a workout, while pliability is stretching accompanied by deep tissue work, nervous system stimulation, hydration and nutrition. It’s more all-around than flexibility, and has more long-term benefits. 


The biggest benefit to building pliability is a pain-free life. “Injuries happen in sports and in life,” says TBRx Physician and Co-Founder, Dr. Peter Cummings. “But, keeping your muscles pliable gives you the best chance to stay injury-free and pain-free. A pliable muscle has the ability to absorb and dispense forces, improved muscle fiber activation, reduced muscle tightness and maximized range of motion. Pliability is also vital to accelerate recovery.“

Your TBRx Experience

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Gait Analysis & Tissue Quality

As a component of your assessment, we perform a detailed analysis of your posture and gait. The way you stand and the way you move through various tasks can give us important information regarding pain sources and injury risk. This will be followed by an evaluation of your tissue quality, or what we call "Pliability". 

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Functional Movement Analysis

After we gauge your posture and gait, we'll analyze your functional movements-- that is the way you move during tasks of daily living. Movements such as squatting, lifting and reaching overhead are vital to living pain free

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Neurocognitive and Neuromuscular Function

Your first assessment and subsequent visits will also involve a simple neurocognitive and neuromuscular test utilizing SportGait's cutting edge technology. The results will help you follow your progress through your program. This cognitive component will also become a critical part of your customized plan as we get your visual-motor and cognitive-motor systems firing in order to develop neuroplasticity.

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Lifestyle Assessment

Together we will assess your lifestyle and come up with actionable strategies for you to succeed. That doesn't mean radical change, it means small steps and moderation. We like pizza, too... healthy doesn't have to be boring and flavorless!

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Action Plan

Finally, at the end of the assessment, we will develop and action plan for you-- and just you. The plan will involve pliability tissue work, corrective exercise, nutrition support, and cognitive exercises. Together we will build the elite you.

Concussion Baseline and Injury Screening With SportGait

There are almost 4 million sports-related concussion each year in the United States. It was once believed that concussions could only be treated by rest in a dark room. This is no longer the case. By using the best practices in concussion management endorsed by the American Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Academy of Neurology we can get you back to the classroom or the game as soon as possible. Click the link below to learn more about our SportGait baseline testing and injury screening. Make TBRx a part of your recovery.


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