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Dr. Cummings is a fully licensed physician, team doctor, certified coach, and life-long athlete. Dr Cummings believes that by improving functional movement through the integration of exercise, nutrition, hydration and cognitive health, we can all live younger, longer. He is currently the only physician certified by the American College of Sports Medicine in 'Exercise is Medicine' and was the first TB12 physician Body Coach. 


Dr. Cummings has special interest and experience in the mind-body connection, especially as it applies to functional movement patterns and the body’s response to pain or injury. He has focused expert medical training in the area of motor control and development. 


In Dr. Cummings’ experience, altered movement patterns, which are reflexively learned in response to injury or pain, can lead to a less than ideal restoration of function. These altered motor patterns can persist long after the pain subsides and very often result in injury reoccurrence. Dr. Cummings believes it’s not enough to relieve pain, proper motor control must be restored. That means reprograming the way we move. To do this, Dr. Cummings utilizes a holistic approach to stimulate and reset the brain-muscle circuit. Through the application of appropriate cognitive exercises in conjunction with functional movements, neuromuscular health can be maintained, gained and enhanced leading to fewer injuries and less pain.

Dr. Cummings has extensive experience in coaching clients through return to play/return to work protocols following concussion. The use neuromuscular training techniques learned as a TB12 physician body coach provide cutting edge, evidence-based approaches that help you recover faster. 


Whether you’re an athlete or someone who just wants a pain free life, incorporating muscle pliability and the neurophysiological reinforcement of proper motor patterns will allow your body to effectively respond to the physical stresses experienced in sports or daily life.


Aside from enhanced functional movement, the techniques Dr. Cummings utilizes have been  demonstrated to enhance brain health and function. The brain is our most vital organ and as our population ages, neurodegenerative disease will become more common. But a decline in brain function is not an inevitable consequence of aging. Many of Dr. Cummings approaches can help with memory maintenance and cognitive function in individuals of all ages. 


Dr. Cummings has worked with elite athletes, weekend warriors, rising super stars and people just like you. 

A​bout Me


Medical Degree: Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland


Residency & Fellowship: University of Virginia



Master's of Science: Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia


Expert neuroscientist with focused training in the neurobiology of motor control and central nervous system processing of motor learning 


Expert neuroscientist with focused training and experience in the neurophysiology of pain pathways and pain perception. 


Expert in muscle physiology and disease


Expert in neurodegenerative diseases and brain aging


Expert in neurotrauma including sports-related head injuries


Award winning educator with over two decades of teaching functional and clinical human anatomy at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels


Best selling author of two medical textbooks


Medical Exercise and Physiology Expert with: 


      Exercise is Medicine ACSM Certification

      Functional Movement Specialist Certification (ACE)

      Youth Fitness Specialist Certification (ACE)

      Sports Specific Training Specialist Certification (ASFA)

      Sports Nutrition Specialist Certification (ASFA)

      TB12 Sports Healthcare Professional Performance & Recovery             Certification

      TB12 Sports ACL Injury Prevention Certification

      TB12 Performance & Recovery for Figure Skaters Certification 


Senior Medical Advisor TB12 Sports

US Army All American Bowl Scout

Member of American College of Sports Medicine

Team Physician NGE Massachusetts Elite All Star Football Team at the Youth Football World Championship 2019


Team Physician Hamilton-Wenham Youth Football


League Physician New England Flag Football

Medical Advisor LIGHT Helmets

Chief Medical Officer California Youth Football Alliance

Medical Advisor Football Matters, National Football Foundation


Certified USA Football Youth and High School Tackle Football Coach


Certified USA Football Flag Football Coach


Licensed US Youth Soccer Coach

Media Appearances 
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